Me Time.

We are all different when it comes to how much me time we need, but at some point, especially when there's a lot of stress in life, we all end up feeling that desire. It has lots of different names, but me time can be reflective, exciting and relaxing. Regardless of what your me time looks like, I thought I would share some ideas for your me time.

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Why We Need "Me Time"

Amongst all of the people we know, there are some who spend more time alone and others who spend less. Some people may prefer a lower amount of social interaction whilst still be able to maintain a feeling of social connectedness, others prefer lots of time with others to feel that connection.

Wherever you see yourself, there are some benefits of having time for yourself (me time):

  • Helps us unwind. Being alone often helps people to unwind, to be themselves. A good example of this is nature. Whether it's a walk, a run or a hike through the hills, being in nature alone can have a strong impact on your well-being.
  • Helps us self regulate. Research has shown that people in solitude can experience relaxation and reduced stress, when they actively choose to be alone.
  • Makes us more productive. Maybe you have heard of brainwriting, or maybe you haven't, but the idea is to make a team more productive by having members write down their ideas and share rather than sharing them face to face in the way we all imagine. Research has shown that this version of me time, to focus on ideas and productivity, is beneficial.
  • Improves our concentration.  Downtime, or me time, is thought to replenish the brain's stores of attention and motivation. This replenishment is thought to occur through the resting-state networks.
  • Reduces self consciousness. Research has shown that during teenage years, solitude can have a positive effect on emotional state and can improve adjustment, offering a strategic time. This can also mean less self consciousness.
  • Increases empathy. Researchers suggest that spending time alone can help us to feel more connected and more capable of empathy, because we need to be available to connect in the first place.
  • Enhances our relationships. Time away from others helps in all the ways listed above. These can all help contribute to better relationships.
  • Allows time for deep thinking. Maybe this is obvious, but me time usually allows for deep thinking. Without distractions of other people, it's often an easier process to arrive at a deep level of thought.

Me Time Tricks

  1. Wake up 30 minutes before the rest of your household. Sometimes it can be difficult to stick to goals later in the day, so it's a good idea to make extra time for yourself at the beginning.
  2. Temporarily turn off your gadgets. In this world of hyperconnectivity, it can be hard to stay away from your phone and other gadgets. However, these often soak up a lot of your attention, so if you leave them somewhere or better, turn them off, you might find more time for yourself.
  3. Taking a break outside. Outdoor lunches can be a triple threat. You get fresh air, exercise and a chance for me time.
  4. Close your work office door. The open door policy can be fruitful in many ways, but sometimes, you may want to just close that door and focus on yourself.
  5. Date yourself. I know that sounds a bit weird, but plan weekly or monthly times where you are just doing something that you want to do, regardless of what this is, it's your time.

Learn to manage anxiety in only 5 minutes per day

Try Pocketcoach for Free

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That's right. Pocketcoach is actually designed to perfectly fit into me time. With 5 minute lessons and exercises, you can just go into your own zone with us and learn to manage your anxiety, meditate or maybe come down from panic.