Therapy, coaching and mentoring professions thrive. That means more people get professional help than ever before and that’s awesome.

But even though therapy or a coaching relationship can do a lot, there are a few things it can’t do. And among the most important shortcomings of therapy is that it’s limited to an hour per week, typically. And this leaves you without direct guidance for the other 167 hours of the week.

A week is full of challenging moments during which people are left to their own devices. And that’s exactly why we created

It’s a digital coach that helps in those difficult moments – whether it’s feelings of stress or panic, losing sleep, repetitive worrying or procrastinating. Like any digital tool you can access the tool whenever you need it. (and it’s free)

This simple chatbot guides people through quick and easy-to-use exercises, such as short breathing exercises, mindfulness and CBT techniques. A tool like this can’t give as in-depth feedback or guidance as a therapist can; but some help in difficult moments is better than no help at all.

So the goal of is simple: When you leave the site, you should feel a little better than before. If you feel somehow stressed or worried now, do give it a try. Or just bookmark it for another time.

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Disclaimer: we in no way discourage the use of professional help. We see this tool as adding to professional help.